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Liitokala Lii-202 Charger for 18650 26650 AA AAA 14500 5V 2A Input Smart Charger

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Smart Charging: Have overcharge, short circuit, intelligent identification of bad batteries and reverse battery detection protection.

LED shows the state of charge 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.
Can automatically identify (Li-ion) lithium batteries and nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery, manual selection of lithium iron phosphate (Liepo4) and Li-ion3.85V battery.

Battery type NiMH 1.2V Li-Fe 3.2V Li-ion 3.7V Li-ion 3.85V.

Micro USB DC 5V input, two slot independent charging and microcomputer management system.


Input: Micro USB DC 5V/2A

Output: 1.4V , 4.2V plusmn;0.05V , 3.65 plusmn;0.05V , 4.35 plusmn;0.05V

Output current: 500/1000mAh

Constant voltage charging, cutoff current: lt; 100mAh
Standby current: lt;15mAh
USB Output Function:
USB output no-load voltage: 4.90V-5.30V
Output current: 1000mAh (1A)
No-Load current: lt; 1mAh
The output voltage is 4.75V-5.25V when current is 1000mAh
Output protection voltage: 3.0 plusmn;0.1V
Li-ion/IMR: 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440
112mm times; 60mm times;30mm/ 86grams + 15gram USB cable
This charge is only for charging cylindrical li-ion (3.7V, 3.8V), Ni-MH/Ni-Cd, LiFePO4(Li-ion) batteries.
Please read this instruction before use; Pay attention to the recommended charging current, never select improper charging current
When charge with 5V USB A C adapter, 2A-current AC adapter is recommended
The charger may get hot during working a long time, handle with care!
Please cut off the electricity and remove the battery from the charger when charging complete.
Indoor condition only!!
The displaying data of the charger is only for reference; please refer to professional test instruments if you need accurate data.
package include:
1 x Liitokala - Lii202 charger
1 x USB Cable
1 x Liitokala - Lii202 instructions

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