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2 x Micro USB rechargeable 1.5V Li-ion AA LITHIUM Battery 1850 mAh TIPSUN Cable


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$15.99 - $15.99
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     2 x TIPSUN Micro USB rechargeable AA li-ion battery   1850 mah With cable

  • Brand:        TIPSUN
  • USB rechargeable AA battery  With Micro     USB CABLE
  • Material: Fireproofing plastic shell      
    Cell type: A+ Lithium Polymer battery cell     
  • Input: Micro USB(5V)                                
  • Output: 1.5 V                                                     
  •  Battery capacity: 1850mAh                            
  • Battery life:  >1000  times
  • Charge time: 2 hours                                         
  •  Compatibility: AA battery  
  •                        Feature:
1.Replace dry battery perfectly.Energy-saving and durable.
2.With constant voltage AA and USB wires for convenient charge.
3.Equipped with Micro USB charge port,which is convenient and efficient.
4.Intelligent power chip inside to make sure the charge up to 99% with constant voltage
5.Cycle life>1000,increase 200% than normal battery which fits the low-carbon life style.
6. Charge it anytime anywhere, no need to afraid that whether the battery run out.
7. Fitted With Short-circuit protection for avoiding short circuit due to long time charging.
Package Included:
2 x  TIPSUN AA 1850mAh Battery WITH Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

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Rob Hormann
Long lasting AA.

Great long lasting AA for all your devices. Handy USB charging so I can charge them in my car on the go. Only downside is they can take a while to charge because of the higher capacity.